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chambeili® is an Authorised and Official Stockists for all the brands we stock which include Limelight, Origins, MARIA.B, Nimsay, Khaadi, Orient Textile Mills, Zonia Anwaar, Faiza Saqlain, Aleez, Jeem, Farhan & Ambreen. We work directly with all our brand stockists and our shipments are sent from the factories of the brands we stock with full custom clearances.

Many of you who live in the UK and Europe may not realise the true costs of the products we bring in especially with prices increasing in Pakistan due to the price of energy and raw materials over the past several years.

An average high end embroidered outfit from Origins as an example retails in Pakistan from 5000 to 8000 Pakistan Rupees – that works out to be between £45 to £60 with shipping. Many stores and bazaar units in the UK especially in Bradford and Manchester are selling Origins, MARIA.B, Limelight and other popular Pakistani fashion brands for less than it costs to produce and ship. These businesses are not only damaging the economy of Pakistan but they are also deliberately using the success of these brands to pass on replica and fakes. They are note only making huge profits due to high margins and low replica production costs but they are also damaging the brands and showing no consideration for the low paid workers who have to make these outfits in sometimes very difficult working environments.

There is a huge difference in a replica outfit and an original – from the fabric, dye to the quality of stitching, embellishment, stone-work etc. The replica may look almost identical but retailers like ourselves with over 3 years buying experience directly from the manufacturers can spot the difference. These replicas do not last long, the colours will run as soon as you wash them so they are only good to wear once. The embellishments will be of low quality glued on and the fabric will never be the same as the original. Many brands in Pakistan produce their own fabric so they cannot be sourced by replica makers.

chambeili® spends thousands in marketing and running costs on a monthly basis to bring you the best and latest outfits from Pakistan – we have to travel and spend 10 to 12 hours a day in factories to ensure you receive original and quality merchandise. We are not spending thousands in marketing and retail overheads to sell you fake merchandise – we have one of the best modern retail premises, we market on a whole range of social platforms and provide up-to-date information on all collections that come to our store, we spend thousands in newspaper social media advertisement. Rogue retailers and bazaar traders cannot compete with our marketing because they are not selling originals. Those that do advertise get images off the internet and try to con you into believing they are real.

By buying from bazaars and rogue retailers you are not only affecting our business but you are also helping those businesses to flood the market with more counterfeit products. The more you buy from these rogue retailers and traders the more fake and replica products will persist and genuine authorised stockists like ourselves will simply disappear so you will struggle to find genuine products.

If you want to buy and original and authentic brand then buy from an authorised brand stockists – by doing so you get more wear and you are supporting the economy of Pakistan.

Thank you

Fozia Quaddus